At WhiteRock Education, we offer dynamic internship programs designed to provide valuable real- world experience and enhance your career prospects. Our internships cover various fields, allowing you to gain practical insights and develop essential skills that will set you apart in today’s competitive job market.

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

Personal Qualities: We seek individuals who exhibit qualities such as maturity, responsibility, flexibility, and adaptability.

University Enrollment: Applicants should be currently enrolled undergraduate students.

Age Requirement: All applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Required Application Documents

⦁ Online Application Form: Fill out our online application form.
⦁ Resume: Submit a comprehensive resume detailing your academic and extracurricular experiences.
⦁ Cover Letter: Include a cover letter outlining your motivation and goals for the program.
⦁ Photograph: Provide a recent photograph of yourself.
⦁ Copy of Passport ID Page: Submit a clear copy of the identification page from your passport.

We value your interest in our program and look forward to receiving your application.

What’s Included:

⦁ Help Finding Internship: We’ll assist you in finding a suitable internship in a company that matches your career goals.
⦁ Guidance Before You Arrive: You’ll get all the information you need before you come, so your transition to the internship goes smoothly.
⦁ Ongoing Help Online: Our team will be available online to support you throughout your internship, answering your questions and giving you advice.
⦁ Stay with a Host Family (If You Want): If you choose to stay with a local family, we’ll help you find one. This option includes daily breakfast and dinner.

What’s Not Included:

⦁ Your Plane Tickets: You’ll need to buy your own plane tickets to and from the place where you’ll be interning.
⦁ Extra Flights and Weekend Trips: Any extra flights or trips you want to take during your internship aren’t part of the program.
⦁ Internship Visa Costs: You’ll have to pay for the visa you need for your internship.
⦁ Travel Insurance: It’s important to get travel insurance to protect you if unexpected things happen during your internship. This isn’t included in the program.
⦁ Your Personal Expenses: You’ll need to cover your own costs for things like meals not included in the host family option (if you choose it), transportation, and activities outside of the program. Please use the form below to apply.

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